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Goscor Earthmoving offers ‘zero deposit’ on new SANY equipment

The SANY brand of yellow metal earthmoving and roadworks equipment, which is distributed locally by Goscor Earth Moving (GEM), is now available through a special financing deal offering zero deposit and a prime interest rate.

The representation of the SANY brand is aimed at expanding GEM’s total product range, giving customers a single option for both smaller and larger equipment, Managing Director Barry Owen comments. The SANY range available includes excavators, front-end loaders, motor graders, and rollers for the construction, mining, agriculture, sand and stone, forestry, and plant hire sectors.

An added benefit of the ‘Zero Deposit’ campaign is that, at the end of the deal, customers have the option of acquiring the equipment for a minimal 6.5% of the original invoice value. This represents a significant cost-saving, particularly on the larger SANY equipment such as its 50 t excavators, Owen notes.

The ‘Zero Deposit’ campaign is aimed at giving customers easier access to market-leading SANY equipment in constrained economic conditions, with financing in particular not being readily available.

Financing options are currently available at a maximum of 36 months, with 48-month and 60-month options being investigated, Owen reports. “The most obvious benefit is customers are not required to put down a deposit. This is massively attractive, given the current state of the economy and the industry.”

The ‘Zero Deposit’ campaign is aimed at positioning GEM as being proactive in coming up with solutions for its customers’ requirements. “I hope it will have a significant impact on the industry. It is definitely going to get us increased sales and therefore market share. Whether or not other players adopt similar campaigns remains to be seen.”

Owen predicts that company owners and directors will perceive the value offered by the ‘Zero Deposit’ campaign, as it gives them the opportunity to expand their businesses and be able to access additional market opportunities, particularly in terms of the larger equipment ranges.

“You have to innovate continuously in this market, and innovation does not apply to product development exclusively. If you can innovate by providing access to cheaper finance, that is absolutely vital. It is a key part of our strategy going forward,” Owen concludes.

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